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HELIMILL super positive inserts with polished rake for machining aluminum and high temp alloys. P=peripherally ground with a polished rake. DP=polished rake and flank.


Sold in packs of 10.  Price per each.


Operation Capability


Main Application

  • Milling


Sub Application(s)

  • Facing
  • Plunging & Recessing
  • Shouldering
  • Slotting
  • Helical Interpolation

ISCAR HELI2000 HM90 APCR 100304PDFR-P/DP Insert


Extended Flute Endmills Carrying APKT/R-10... Inserts

HM90 E90A-10
Endmills Carrying HM90 AP.. 1003... Inserts

HM90 E90A-M-10
90° Endmills with a FLEXFIT Threaded Adaptation Carrying HM90 AP.. 1003... Inserts

HM90 F90AP-10
90° Face Mills Carrying HM90 APKT 1003... Inserts

HM90 E90A-MM-10
90° Endmills with a MULTI-MASTER Threaded Adaptation Carrying HM90 AP.. 1003... Inserts

FHM90 E90A
Endmills for FPKT 1003... Inserts

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