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Dimensional Measurement Tools


Micrometer Sets


Caliper Sets

Dimension Measurement Tools Accessories

Snap Gauges

Trammels and Trammel Point Sets

Dial, Electronic Drop and Test Indicators

Coordinate Measuring Machine Tools

Dial Drop Indicator Sets

Indicator Stands & Bases

Dial Indicator & Base Kits

Thickness & Height Measurement Tools / Equipment

Dial Thickness Gauges

Electronic Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Dial Height Gauges

Electronic Height Gauges

Height Measurement Accessories

Vernier Height Gauges

Depth Measurement Equipment

Rule Depth Gauges

Depth Gauge Kits

Dial Depth Gauges

Electronic Depth Gauges

Electronic Depth Micrometers

Mechanical Depth Micrometers

Vernier Depth Gauges

Depth Micrometer Accessories

Inside Diameter Measurement Equipment

Inside Diameter Measurement

Bore Gauge Measuring Heads

Chamfer Gauges

Countersink Gauges

Dial Bore Gauges

Electronic Bore Gauges

Plug & Pin Go/No Go Gauges

Small-Hole Gauges

Taper Gauges

Telescoping Gauges

Testing Equipment

Liquid Flow Testers

Liquid Quality Testers

Humidity Measuring Equipment

Automotive Testers

Detecting Equipment

Electrical Power Testers

Electronic Testers

Tension & Compression Force Gauges

Hardness Testing

Bench Top Hardness Testers


Hardness Calibration Test Blocks

Portable Dial Hardness Testers

Statistical Process & Monitoring Control

Surface Testing

Counting Equipment

Weighting Equipment

Calibration, Layout & Machine Shop Setup Tools

Measurement Tools

Light & Reflection Measurement

Linear & Distance Measuring Tools

Folding Rules

Measuring Taps

Steel Rules

Motion & Speed

Sound Measurement

Temperature Measuring Equipment

Time Measurement Tools

Leveling/Angle Measurement Equipment

Leveling Measurement Accessories

Bull's Eye Circular Levels

Angle & Scope Locators

Bevel Protractors

Box, I-Beam & Torpedo Levels

Laser Levels

Line Levels

Master Precision & Machinists' Levels

Plumb Bobs

Rotary Lasers

Tubular & Pocket Levels

Combination Protractors & Inclinometers

Combination Square Protractor Heads

Digital & Dial Protractors

Double Squares


Precision Steel Squares

Rafter Squares

Squares and Square Sets